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Solana validator node, setup and maintained by the Sentries team
and for the Sentries NFT community.

Our revenues from commission and from rewards earned for validating go back to the community
and help shape the future for Sentries.

We operate a Testnet validator too.
If you want to try this first reach out to us in Discord.



Comission Rate


Expected APY Return


Minimum to start

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Support Sentries

By staking with The Lode, you’re empowering a decentralized Solana. You’re also participating in our gamification through your Sentries Collection NFTs.

Power Up Your Sentry

Staking SOL in The Lode powers up your Sentry PFP, which in turn grows your rewards from the revenue sources generated by our B2B Solutions.

Power Up The Lode

By staking in The Lode you in turn drive higher the returns of others. The more stake we have the more slots we’re awarded which means the more APY we can return.

Commitment to the Community

Any commissions we do charge will feed back into the treasury account of the Sentries for rewards. Funds will be used to propel the Sentries community through building tooling, community outreach and distributions to holders of the Sentries PFP.

Get started!

Follow the steps below to start staking with The Lode today!

Open your Phantom wallet.

With SOL in your wallet, click on the Solana token balance and it will show you a "Start Earning SOL" button

Search for The Lode

You'll be able to search for your validator of choice. Type in The Lode and select it.

Input Amount & Confirm

Choose the amount you'd like to stake from your wallet and then hit stake! That's it!

Be sure to stake your SOL with the same wallet you hold your Sentries NFT!


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What is Staking?

TL;DR Staking is assigning your “votes” to someone who can and is constantly voting for your benefit.

What is Delegating?

It’s the assignment of voting share to someone who is voting. It’s like elected officials you’ve got things todo, they’re out there representing you.

Is it Safe?

Indeed. Solana wrote the staking program themselves. The code is audited and constantly undermonitoring. We never HOLD or HAVE you SOL, we just are assigned your voting share, so it doesn’t everenter our custody.


We run our infrastructure with the Solana Foundation Server Program partners. These partners aretrusted by some of the largest companies in the world to deliver fast and secure data online.

Our voting account only keeps enough to operate for a month, our withdraw authority is never online andin cold storage. We have KYC’d with Solana and the partners and they take extensive measures tosecure the data centers from which we operate.

How long until I see rewards?

Approximately 2 epochs or 5-7 days.

How can I find my rewards?

What you have staked is automatically compounded with your rewards. is a useful tool tomonitor rewards for each epoch.

How much can / should I delegate?

That’s up to you. But doing it in batches is a good way to do it, if you do want to unstake any and have itavailable without taking it all out.

What is rent?

The cost to setup an account in Solana. You can get this back once you close your account (or unstake).

How can I stop staking?

Where you started staking in Phantom use the Unstake button, this deactivates, but remember it can take up to one epoch to have your SOL voting delegated back to you.

How can I add more stake?

You can setup an additional delegation with a new batch of SOL. You can’t add to you stake account though.

Wait 6-7% seems low, are you sure?

Most of the rewards paid out through validating are a component of the inflation rate of Solana. Fees currently aren’t large enough to provide additional substantial revenue. There are other avenues which are being explored to directly benefit validators running custom software to provide additional revenue sources, so keep an eye on our discord for new discoveries.

Looking For Someone To Help Setup Your Validator?

Sentries is here to help, our validator is an example of the care, craft and consideration we put into our services.

Contact us in our Discord or schedule a call and we’ll help you get the information you need to get started today.

Setup your validator